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                High Frequency Ball Valve

                Ball Valves: High Frequency Ball Valve

                · Pressure Rating:  CLASS 150~CLASS 1500(PN10~PN260)
                · Bore Size:1/2〞~16〞(DN15~DN400)
                · Working Temperature: -60℃~150℃
                Product Information
                · Up to 3 million cycles dry friction on/off operating annually
                · Middle flange quantitative compression
                · Optimized Belleville spring design for wear compensation
                · Pointed hard sealing surface coating for high frequency operating
                · Multiple positioning stem housing design to prevent decline
                · Multiple combined packing
                · Self-tightening bearing bore design for compensation of wear, pressure and temperature
                · Live-loaded spring design
                · Tailormade high frequency pneumatic actuator
                Performance data
                · Pressure Rating:  CLASS 150~CLASS 1500(PN10~PN260)
                · Bore Size: 1/2〞~16〞(DN15~DN400)
                · Working Temperature:  -60℃~150℃
                · Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, other material optional
                · Ball Material: F304, F316, Duplex, other material optional
                · Seat Material: F304, F316, Duplex, other material optional
                · Operating Mode: Pneumatic Actuator
                Application: Lummus Innovene PP process
                Size: DN65
                Pressure rating: CLASS600lb
                Operating Temperature: 150℃
                Medium: polypropylene powder
                Raw Material: F316SS
                Cycle Frequency: 120cycles/Hour
                On-line Life: >2years
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